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Adventures with fibre,
hand crafted with heart

My creative journey

I've always been fascinated by creating things, whether it be sewing, knitting, crochet or other crafts.  My fibre journey started with knitting needles beside my mother and grandmother as a child, spending many hours fascinated by creations that appeared from a ball of yarn.

Felting has very much felt like an extension of that journey, but with more freedom to create organically, rather than following a prescribed pattern . . . I've never been one for sticking to instructions!

Come with me on this fibre adventure, I hope you love what you find as much as I have loved hand crafting it.

Paula x

Creating with purpose

Whether working on a commission, or creating for my webstore, I find it a meditative process and feel like I leave a little of myself in everything I produce.  So much so that it is sometimes difficult to let a piece go!

However, in my mind, as I create I am always thinking about how the piece will be used, worn or admired once it's finished.  The end result, whether known (commissions) or unknown (for my webstore), always brings me joy when I think of it 'out in the wild'.

Using a range of techniques such as wet, nuno or needle felting, adding embellishments or other textures, each piece is carefully thought out and created to showcase the best of the materials used.

Creating consciously

With sustainability at the heart of the range, my aim is to be as kind to our planet as possible by using natural fibres and re-purposing others to conserve resources. 

If man-made fibres are used, it will be clearly stated. 

Using locally sourced & ethically produced materials is a passion, however, I recognise it also has to be the right material for the right purpose and so some may come from further afield.  I aim is to be as transparent as possible on the source of materials for each piece, so that you can make an informed choice with your purchase.

I am also continually adapting my felt-making processes to eliminate single-use plastic, reduce waste and use resources responsibly.

Wool is an amazing, sustainable fibre and I'm passionate about celebrating its many uses.

Online store coming soon

I will be adding an online store to this website, but until then, I am open to commissions, so do get in touch if you would like something for yourself or as a gift.

From your message, we can discuss what you'd like, including colour and materials, then agree cost before starting work.

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